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All FIFA players know FUT, finally normally. Not you? FIFA 18 Coins hack free But if it is the mode where one can create a dream team! But to play with Messi, Ronaldo or Gullit, you have either to be extremely lucky in opening packs or to have a lot of credits. The opening of packs being (very) expensive, I turned to the second solution: try to become rich in FUT credits. Throughout this article, I will give you tips and tricks to help you create your eleven dream legends in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode. 

1. Activate your bonuses

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As you know, EA rewards your loyalty in several ways: depending on your club's year of creation, you will be entitled to a number of free packs when you first login in FUT mode. On top of that, when you play a FIFA, your player profile gains from the experience and allows you to gain levels. The higher your level, the more you will have unlockable benefits on FUT, as well as on other modes of FIFA: players on loan, vintage jerseys for your teams, bonuses in season and career

A new celebration is good, but what interests us today are the bonuses to earn FUT credits more easily, and there are two types that will make your life easier: 

- The first is the bonus rewards in FUT credits. After each game in Ultimate Team, you earn credits: these bonuses allow you to increase your winnings by 200 to 1,000 Triche fifa 18 argent illimite credits per game, for a limited time.

- And there are those that can increase the size of your transfer list: increasing the size of its transfer stack allows you to sell more cards at the FIFA 18 Cheats same time, and thus to make more credits. 

2. Squad Building Challenges

New on FIFA 18, the Squad Building Challenges are challenges of creating teams, if successful, to win credits, packs, and special player cards. To succeed, it will be necessary to create teams composed of players of your club, respecting criteria of nationalities, leagues, levels or else on the minimum level of collective. However, it should be noted that once the challenge is over, the team players will disappear from your club. These challenges may allow you to win 50,000 credits, for a team that does not cost more than 15,000. I'll let you see the FUT # 1 Tutorial to create a team 15K and allowing you to win a pack of 12 or rare gold players, all resellable.